Ekkl Limited is a creative design company, specialising in bus conversions and small spaces. We provide a service which takes old vehicles and gives them a new lease of life. As a creative company with construction and design skills, we have the necessary capabilities to fully renovate and repurpose old double decker buses. At Ekkl, we work closely with an architect who provides all the necessary legal documentation and regulations ensuring the bus is safe and up to standard.

double decker bus conversionThe first bus contract we worked on was from a primary school in Birmingham who had a dream of locating a double decker bus in their playground with a library/reading area and an open space for teaching.

We spent a number of months completely gutting out the interior and giving it a complete overhaul. The bus was re-insulated underneath in the form of an insulated concrete plinth slab, and above with an additional roof build on top of the bus.

The teaching space and library were integrated into the interior of the bus, the bus has new wiring throughout, underfloor heating on both floors, a six meter free standing electric awning to facilitate outside events and a complete re spray. The bus was fixed onto the concrete slab with electrics and internet supplied from the school through a trench in the ground.


Why A Bus Conversion?

There are any number of reasons why someone might be looking for a bus conversion that is for sale.

I do it because I love to be creative and explore using my carpentry and design skills together. I like the green values associated with re-using buses as they are completely recyclable when used in contexts such as ones mentioned below.  Bus conversions work so well because they are big, cost effective sound structures with plenty of internal space once the seats have been removed.

Below is an example of some of the uses for a conversion project such as this.

Double Decker Bus Conversions for Schools

Primarily for primary schools, bus conversions can help spark a child’s imagination and certainly creates an interesting and versatile teaching space. Not only that, but it also teaches a range of social and moral values around recycling materials for new uses.

Check out our Birmingham school project here to see an example of how a conversion like this could help create an extra classroom or library for your school.

Whether it is for a classroom, canteen, library or some other purpose, our design and engineering skills can help bring your new space to life.

The video below shows how we positioned a bus on to an insulated slab ready for full fit out at a Birmingham Primary School:

PR Company Bus Conversion

Public Relations is all about making a splash and being noticed. What better way for a PR company or for a PR department at a company to help their business get noticed than with a double decker bus kitted out to the exact requirements of a client.

We can even ensure that the bus is perfectly drivable so you don’t need to have it in just one fixed location. We have all seen advertising on the sides of buses and it is well known that it is very effective for brand awareness – well this sort of project takes this sort of PR to the next level.

Imagine touring the UK or reaching your target demographics in a whole bus designed for this purpose.

Bus Restaurants

The pop up restaurant scene is alive and well and it is something that has increased in popularity over the last few years. We have know of buses being repurposed as restaurants and this is the sort of project we would love to get involved with.

Bus Accommodation

Whether it is a long term accommodation solution or a rental property, our bus conversions could be perfect for this sort of project.

Choose Ekkl

At Ekkl, we have a range of trades at our disposal including electricians, specialist roofers, on site sprayers, architects, designers, carpenters, ground workers, artists and mechanics.

The core of our business is set around green, ethical values and we believe these shine through in every project we work on.

If you would like to get in touch please contact Jonathan on 07941 638639.