The Carpentry Project gets Published!

If you have been following the Carpentry Project as it unfolds in Kampala under the careful leadership of Kids Club Kampala (UK Registered charity 1152451), you will know the basics. If not you can read more about it in a recent article I wrote which  has now been published in the May edition of Good Woodworking Magazine! 

After watching the eye opening documentary Poverty inc. One of the people in the film makes a VERY interesting observation about foreign aid. He states; “I have never heard of a country that has developed on foreign aid. If you can think of one please tell me! Countries develop on trade and innovation and business.”  For me this is a critical point. NGOs and charities should be willing to move locations after achieving their goal of alleviating poverty. However unfortunately many do not. They pour in free gifts and food, all from a good heart. Yet fail to see how these freebies can impact and stagnate small business and enterprises as they try to develop. 

At Kids Club Kampala, they are committed to fighting poverty by implementing and nurturing business acumen and growth from within the impoverished communities themselves. The Carpentry Project is a great example of this. As the old saying goes. Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day, teach him to fish and he can eat for the rest of his live.