With sad news I am announcing the sale of EKKL Limited (CRN 10070437). The company was founded by myself in Birmingham, in 2016 and had the following financial figures for the previous years;

Turnover 2016 £53,000 (£8,000 Net Profit)

Turnover 2017 £48,000 (£11,000 Net Profit)

Turnover 2018 to date (26th September) £16,000 (£11,210 Net Profit)

The business bus conversions web page has a a high online search ranking for bus conversions and typical responses for conversions can be in the region of 1-2 per month targeting school library double decker bus conversions, PR conversions, accommodation conversions, restaurant conversions etc.

The purchase of this company would suit individuals interested in setting up a vehicle conversion business with the benefit of a proven profitable financial history making it easier to secure loans. I would also recommend using my SEO expert who had and can continue to provide fantastic search ranking results ensuring new enquiries. I worked closely with an architect and various other proefessionals who I would also recommend.

If you would like to know more about the company and would like to submit an offer please contact me directly on +447941638639 or email enquiries@ekkl.co.uk.

Thank you,

Jonathan M Fraser