The first project of 2018 was a somewhat unusual request. It consisted of building and designing three prison camp simulators to be used at multiple conferences around the UK. The camp was to be used to stimulate action from event participants and passing footfall. The requirements were simple, to look and feel oppressive with points of interaction and be built strong enough to withstand heavy human interaction, whilst being fully collapsable for travel and storage purposes.

The Internal interaction points consist of a full height blackboard for participants to write on and the opposing wall has an iPad holder which plays short films. For the internal walls I used a textured stone wall base called KABE, commonly used in Copenhagen for its incredible textured stone like finish. I used the emerald green stone wall filler which was really effective. For the floor I used the KABE Stone+ floor in cold steel which gave a realistic concrete floor effect once applied roughly and sanded between coats. To find out more about these finishes visit

I made a video above to demonstrate how it all goes together. The separate wall pieces slot onto a base rail, they slot together with keyhole connections and clip together at the top using spring clips to create a strong hold between sections. The roof component is simply corrugated iron sheeting set on top of a timber surround fascia which when placed on top acts to hold the entire piece together.

For the gate and window I designed them and had them custom made by a local blacksmith. The gate is the final component to go on and is held onto the door frame by hook and eye gate hinges.

In total there were three of prisons along with nine barrels which were simply 270 litre second hand food grain barrels (not oil thankfully!). I sprayed them the same colour as the external walls (RAL 7016).

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