School bus library now open! 

Yesterday marked the end of another project! I was commissioned by a local primary school to refurbish a double decker bus. The brief included retro fitting a library and class room facility into a rusting, ageing vehicle. 

Above: The original bus.

Above: The converted bus.

Firstly, the bus was positioned on an insulated concrete plinth completed by CR8 Developments. This is the best way of preventing further corrosion to the bus. Not only does this insulated plinth reduce the corrosion it also prevents rising damp, a big problem other school bus conversions presented. Library facilities in particular require low levels of humidity which can prevent damage to books.

During the build, the bus moved through a number of stages. First came the strip out, groundworks, mechanical refurbishment, interior framing, insulating and underfloor heating, Then the final stages of the refurbishment included fitting a 6 meter motorised side awning to the outside of the bus along with  interior design, furniture making and upholstering. The final touch was to respray the exterior of the bus red.

From Left: Architectural Consultant Richard Todd from CR8 Architectural, School Head Teacher Jo Jones and Principle Contractor EKKL Design, Jonathan Fraser

Children enjoying their new bus under the 6 meter motorised awning.

The Finished product is extremely versatile and functional. The open space on the upper deck gives the school a range of options for classroom settings. Desks built into the window recesses around the front section create an inviting studying location with a surrounding panoramic view of the school and playground facilities. 

The opening ceremony was a great success and I feel really pleased with how the project unfolded. For more information and enquiries please feel free to get in touch.

Jonathan M Fraser