Yes we do Marquee Lettering to order!

Did you know we provide a service to build customised marquee light letters for your event?

Take a look at these two commissons below, LIGHT for @gasstreetchurch Birmingham, UK and NYMW for @youthscape’s National Youth Ministry Weekend.

These letters are constructed from solid plywood using traditional joinery methods to ensure maximum longevity. The letters can be sprayed in any colour and any finish. Simply provide us with the relevant Pantone, Ral or other colour code along with your finish preferences and let us do the rest.

Unsure about which bulbs to use? No problem, we can provide a cheaper fixed LED bulb arrangement in soft white or transparent or for maximum impact a fully waterproof interchangable bulb set up allowing you to change your bulbs if you just arent “feeling it” any more.

Looking for something for outdoor events? The first question you will ask is, “they look great but outdoors? really? plywood?!”. For the ultimate finish we can provide a waterproof coated finish which completely protects the letters, coupled with the waterproof lighting and your good to go. Outdoors ahoy!

Need some scale? Cant visualise it? Check this out..

Scale Visual

Reality! Close enough?

Get in touch today for more details.

Pssst! One last thing, are you on a budget? do you just need a “one off”. We are making a number of letters for 2018 which will be rented out at a cost effective rate. If you would like to rent letters please leave suggestions in the comments below.. You never know we might even just make them!


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